Parsnip Cabbage Gratin

In general, if food is white it means that it’s empty, with the noted exceptions of parsnips, cabbage, garlic, and onion (and cauliflower and a few others I’m sure, but they’re besides this point). Well, here’s a recipe from City Palate that uses all of them, and other white things, like cheese!

– Slice the parsnips
– Slice the cabbage – not called for, but why not?
– Mix them with ricotta (recipe calls for half-and-half, but this was delicious)
– Mix in some shredded Gouda
I really only added enough cheese to lightly coat everything (well, that was all I had, but it worked fine! And healthier that way!)
– Add a clove of chopped garlic
– Add some chopped onion – I actually added scallions, that’s what I had, and also it really was just too much white!!
– Add salt and pepper
– Put it in a greased baking dish – I used Earth Balance to grease it, partially because I don’t have butter at the moment, and partially because it really does have a great flavor!
– Bake ~375*f for half an hour or so. Watch it. I think I turned it down to 350 for a while. And I stirred it a couple times so the scallions didn’t burn

And yeah, this turned out really good. It was savory, and creamy, and slightly sweet because of the parsnips. Roasted cabbage is delicious, and the aged Gouda gave it a dark, savory edge.