Quinoa Cakes with Tahini Yogurt Dip

This was an amazing pairing of 2 great recipes. Perfect for dinner, lunch, parties, experimenting, or whatever.

The quinoa cakes recipe, from Love and Olive Oil, was specifically recommended to me by a friend. She called them a “game changer” and they are – filling, delicious, endlessly customizable. My friend recommends adding in feta, cilantro, and dill. I think any cheeses or herbs would work!

I also recommend used crushed up Mary’s Gone Crackers instead of the breadcrumbs – especially for the whole gluten-free thing. I’ve found this substitution works great any time something calls for panko or breadcrumbs!

The tahini yogurt dip from Eat Boutique was super simple, and I ended up eating it with everything. Alternatively, my friend suggests serving the quinoa cakes with a lemon mayo with dill or rosemary, if you prefer.

And I suggest serving the whole thing with tomatoes and more kalamata olives, as you see in the picture.