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Eggnog Oatmeal Pudding

I was supposed to bring something for our office holiday party, and all I’d said was that I’d bring something with cardamom (I have this pretty cardamom that I’ve barely used!). But when… Continue reading

Parmesan Parsley Burgers

My friend Jess is on a mission to become a good cook, and I’d say after these she’s well on her way! We were making dinner and she had – ground beef and… Continue reading

Beef, Cabbage, and Mustard Sauté

How do so many recipes start? I had red cabbage in my fridge, and I had just bought this thing of shaved beef, and this sampler of 4 different specialty mustards, and I… Continue reading

Dead Vegetable Soup

I had carrots, parsnips, and celery wilting in my fridge, as well as half a thing of diced canned tomatoes (transferred to a jar) leftover from the harvest curry. Soup time! Dead vegetables… Continue reading

Harvest Curry with Chickpeas

I had been eyeing this recipe from The Lemon Bowl for a while, and now that I’ve made it and it was so easy and awesome, I think variations of it will be… Continue reading

Slow-cooker Whole Chicken with Orange

While this more-or-less turned out, it’s definitely more of a learning experience than a recipe: I wanted to make another whole chicken in my crockpot, especially because I had just used the dripping… Continue reading

Zucchini Kale Soup with Ginger and Garlic

I was getting a cold so I wanted to make soup, and I wanted to use the zucchini in my fridge that I’d bought for some other purpose but hasn’t used. Enter zucchini… Continue reading

Creamy Tomato Soup

My cheesy biscuits were delicious, but they really made me crave tomato soup. I found several recipes online that didn’t have sugar, which was important, but the one from The Gracious Pantry seemed… Continue reading

Roasted Beet and Butternut Squash Soup

I did end up making soup with the roasted beets and squash that didn’t make it into the sausage dish and it was delicious and easy. All I did was: – Caramelize onions… Continue reading

Roasted Beets and Squash with Sausage

My friend had a butternut squash, and I had beets, so I decided we’d make soup by roasting them first with garlic, onion, thyme, paprika, and coriander. And coconut oil and salt. We… Continue reading