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Kale, Cucumber, and Carrot Salad with Avocado Tahini Dressing

I googled the three vegetables I had in my fridge: kale, cucumber, and carrots (nice alliteration in that, huh?) and found this salad from Savvy Vegetarian. Super simple, except for the dressing part… Continue reading

Sun-Dried Tomato and Kale Omelet

This was less of a recipe and more of a delicious combination, but I wanted to share it with you. – Eggs – Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil – Garlic – Kale –… Continue reading

Guest Post: Spinach and Fire-Roasted Tomato Muffins

Listen, we all have mixed feelings about Facebook (unless you’re 14) but without it we wouldn’t have this fabulous recipe, because today’s guest-poster is a friend-of-a-friend-from-college who heeded my “help I’m going out… Continue reading

Confetti Muffins

I have to go out of town for work for a whole week, and so I wanted to make something to bring with, aside from trail mix or whatever. So what about muffins?… Continue reading

Pizza with Almond Flour Crust

When I was home last week, I made dinner with my friend Rebecca who is a seasoned alternative cook. This pizza turned out delicious! And really like pizza. The crust was a little… Continue reading

Pumpkin Black Bean Broccoli Quiche

I had been out of town and came home to a fairly empty kitchen that contained a few promising items: frozen broccoli (that I had bought fresh but couldn’t use in time) a… Continue reading

Breakfast Fruit Salad with Quinoa

Ok so I’m getting a little sick of smoothies (or really I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t use my broken immersion blender, and have been too lazy to get a new one) So how… Continue reading

Eggplant Curry

I’ve had this unopened red curry paste burning a hole in my cabinet. Also the eggplants at the store were looking pretty amazing, so that’s how we ended up here. I found 2… Continue reading

Instant Softserve

This is the only way I’ve found to make anything ice cream-like without an ice cream maker: blend together 100% frozen fruit (or other frozen things) without adding any liquid or ice. And… Continue reading

Everything Guacamole

When it’s hot out, all I want to eat is guacamole (and smoothies). But if you’re creative about it, that can work! Almost anything goes well with avocados, as I decided to prove… Continue reading