Everything Guacamole

When it’s hot out, all I want to eat is guacamole (and smoothies). But if you’re creative about it, that can work!

Almost anything goes well with avocados, as I decided to prove to myself here by adding all my leftover produce into today’s recipe. To be fair, this was also kind of inspired by this raw foods guac recipe from some random “cook” book years ago (sorry, don’t remember what) that really did call for everything, including sprouted black beans and olive oil, which I didn’t include this time. Here’s what went in:

– Avocado (duh)
– Grape tomatoes
– Red pepper
– Scallions
– Mushrooms
– Garlic, which I soaked in
– Lime
– Grated ginger
– Sunflower seeds
– Dying cilantro
– Serrano pepper
– Salt and black pepper

Chop it all, mix everything except the tomatoes, then mix those in. And done!

This was pretty delicious! There were many surprising flavors, especially the ginger. And the mushroom texture was a little weird at first, but ultimately I liked it. Basically, do whatever you want and it will most likely turn out. And if you add in enough random stuff, it totally counts as a meal!