Green Bean Pickles

So I took this food preservation class, which ended up being such a disorganized shitshow that I won’t even tell you where it was because they probably wouldn’t want to be associated with this post.

But I did learn some stuff! For instance, canning is probably not my thing! Apparently you’re not allowed to deviate from recipes At All because then the timing could be off and you could end up with botulism or something. There are official recipes approved by the FDA to be safe. And if you want to make a new recipe, or even just modify one, you have to send it off somewhere where they’ll test it out for you. Basically, not super in line with my style of cooking. But interesting!

Nonetheless, I did alter the canning recipe from the class because it called for dill, and apparently omitting that wasn’t going to be detrimental. Here’s what we did:

– Green beans, trimmed to be jar-height
– Garlic, slivered

– Create a solution with 1 part vinegar, 1 part water, salt, and red pepper flakes.

– Boil this.
– Pack your jars with the garlic on the bottom, and then the beans lined up beautifully.
– Pour the vinegar solution over it.

The rest of the canning process we didn’t actually do because the class was such a mess, but the beans are sitting in my fridge right now and they taste pretty good – like green bean pickles!