Beef, Cabbage, and Mustard Sauté


How do so many recipes start? I had red cabbage in my fridge, and I had just bought this thing of shaved beef, and this sampler of 4 different specialty mustards, and I wanted to make a stir-fry. All google inquiries talked about corned beef which wasn’t super helpful, so I struck out on my own – with surprisingly edible results!

– Blanch chopped cabbage until pretty much cooked. (Reserve the blanching water for making soup stock)

– Sauté chopped onions in coconut oil, or whatever, until soft and a little brown

– Add the shaved beef, using chopsticks or your hands to pull it apart so it all gets cooked relatively evenly. (Shaved beef was nice because you ended up with these thin tender pieces, but you could use whatever – just cook longer)

– Add the blanched cabbage, salt, and pepper

– Add mustard. I used a mix of two kinds: Blackcurrant cut with Chantel. This added a nice sweet, spicy kick to it (and the end result did have sort of a corned beef flare). If you just have regular mustard, I would suggest adding something fruity/berry – like dried fruit, jam/compote, or fruit juice. I don’t know – or skip it. I’m sure it would be fine without.