Brooklyn Snow Cone


This is a take-off of what we used to do all the time when I was a kid in Minneapolis: Make snow cones out of freshly fallen snow! You don’t have as many snow opportunities in Brooklyn, but yesterday we got several inches – enough for snowball fights and snow men – and we decided to capitalize:

– Grab a cup of freshly-fallen snow – grab from as far from traffic and exhaust fumes as possible, as you will be ingesting this
– Mix maple syrup with a little water and pour it over the snow (adding the water is a variation from my childhood that I would definitely suggest! It allowed for the maple flavor to be evenly distributed throughout the snow, as opposed to in clumps)
– Eat it with a spoon!

Seriously, it’s so delicious! And pretty good for you, especially if you’re getting your snow from a field somewhere, and not the side of the road in the middle of a polluted city – but we do what we can! And you could do other things besides maple syrup, obviously. If you come up with new favorites please let me know!!