CSA Bounty Salad with Kefir-marinated Chicken

  Ahh, CSA Bounty, the theme of my summer! This time I got (and used to create the base of this salad):

– Kale (torn up and massaged)
– Heirloom tomatoes (sliced into thin wedges)
– Corn (cut off the cob [using my corn stripper] and kept RAW – absolutely delicious!!!
– Cucumbers (sliced)
– Yellow string beans (actually from 2 weeks ago, and still delicious. Didn’t cut these up at all, but I might recommend that you do)

Before doing any of this we (being me and my mom, who was visiting:)) got some chicken breasts and marinated them in:
– Kefir!!!
– Half-and-half (because I had a bunch and I wanted to save some of my kefir for smoothies!!)
– Sliced garlic – a couple cloves
– Salt and pepper and paprika (seriously, it should just be just as ubiquitous as salt and pepper – I add it to everything and it makes everything taste better. It sits on my counter in its rightful place of honor, right next to the salt and pepper grinders)

We sort of made this combination up, after googling Kefir Marinated Chicken and seeing that these ingredients were ~the common denominator. We let it marinate during our 3-hour afternoon nap (not joking) and then cooked the chicken in a coconut oil-coated pan on med-high heat until seared and cooked through.

Then cut it up a little and added it on top of the salad with pumpkin seeds, and a dressing made from:
– Balsamic
– Olive oil
– Honey
– Salt and pepper (and paprika! – actually that might be a lie)

The chicken was super delicious – moist and flavorful, and the perfect way to change this crazy-fresh salad into a meal