Spiced Quinoa Tabbouleh

  At my CSA this week they said I could take all the parsley I wanted because no one seemed to be into it. Why not?? Tabbouleh!!! The more parsley the better.  This time I used a recipe from Café Liz – mainly because all the spices looked so fun! And they were.  Here’s how it went down:

Make the quinoa:
– Add 2:1 water to quinoa to a pot (I used red, and she actually used bulgar…)
– Add in a bunch of spices to taste (she says to add these after it’s cooked, but I don’t see why) including:
— Cinnamon
— Cloves
— Cardamom (I put in 4 pods)
— Nutmeg
— Coriander and Turmeric (She used cumin but I guess I don’t have any?? The horrors!! But this worked out)
— Salt
— Pepper
– Cook until done

Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables:
– Chop the parsley, cucumbers, and tomatoes as finely as possible/desired (and check out Café Liz’s recipe for super specific instructions on this that I thought were totally unnecessary but very interesting!)
– Chop the green onion (and actually I used the giant top of a spring onion I had, which totally worked)
– Chop up mint – if you have. I had a few leaves (Alas, I’ve been a terrible mom to my new mint plant)

Mix together the veggies with the quinoa
– Squeeze in a bunch of lemon juice
– Pour in a bunch of olive oil
– Sprinkle on a bunch more salt and pepper