Radish, Turnip, Apple Salad

  After considering it for eons, I have joined a CSA – GWCSA to be specific – which is perfect for my blog since every two weeks I’ll have a bunch of random stuff that I need to figure out what to do with.  This salad was inspired by the salad turnips, which I had never heard of – I guess just small spring turnips that aren’t too hard and bitter yet so you can just slice them thin and put them in a salad!  I also got radishes, pea greens, and mixed greens, so perfect!  I used this recipe from Small Farm Central, as follows:

Make the dressing: They are very specific about what to put in (lemon juice, sherry vinegar, white balsamic, and dijon) but all I had from that was the lemon so instead I did:
– Lemon juice
– Apple cider vinegar
– Regular balsamic
– Ground mustard seed
– Plum jam (also from my CSA – thought I’d try it, and I think it added a nice flavor)
– A little honey
– Olive oil
– Salt and pepper

Make the salad:
– Trim and thinly slice:
— Salad turnips
— Radishes
— Carrots
— Apple (I used a gala, and that was great)
– Add in:
— Greens
— Cranberries (they also said you could do chopped apricots)
— Pumpkin seeds (they said pistachios, but honestly they were just too expensive at the bodega I stopped at so I decided pumpkin seeds would be fine and they were)
– Toss with the dressing and serve!

Super delicious – the bitterness of the turnips and radishes with the sweetness of the apple, cranberries and carrots, and all the crunch! Totally recommended