Leftover Brown Rice Cookies

  Here’s a likely candidate for “Worst of Year 3” – although, to be fair, it’s entirely my fault and not the fault of the original recipe from Mama Bake. I bet these would have been pretty good if I had not made the following errors:

1) I cut out the flour and didn’t replace it with anything – not the fatal mistake I don’t think, but didn’t help
2) When the recipe said “180 degrees” I assumed farenheit, which was dumb because that’s a ridiculous temperature to bake at, and the recipe had one ingredient in grams (although the rest are in teaspoons and cups and ounces… maybe not entirely my fault?), and so I ended up baking the cookies at 180*f for about 30 minutes until I realized my error and then baked them for another 30 minutes at 350*f
3) When I spooned the mixture onto the cookie sheet, I pushed it down with the back of my spoon. Don’t do this – if they’re too thin they fall apart (which I learned from experience, I think was the fatal mistake, and why these will go down among the “worst”)
4) I didn’t let them cook long enough – I had a few cookies on a separate cookie sheet lower in the oven, and those ones burned, but they DID stick together enough to retain their cookie shape, unlike my under cooked ones which disintegrated into some sort of sweet fried rice concoction
5) 6) 7) … For smaller errors, see below

Here’s what I should have done (and what I did):
– Beat together 3/4c brown sugar and 1/2c butter (my brown sugar was super hard so didn’t fully integrate, and I used coconut oil instead of butter, which I don’t think contributed to the problem, but who knows)
– Beat in an egg and some vanilla
– Stir in the dry:
— Rice (I did about 3 cups, but they say 2 cups and 1 cup of flour)
— 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
— 2 tsp cinnamon
— 3/4c coconut flakes

– Drop onto a cookie sheet (Don’t flatten!!) and bake at 350*f for ~30 minutes, until really starting to get brown but not burnt

Super chewy texture which is kind of fun! 

(Also don’t buy the “leftover” part – I made brown rice expressly for this purpose)