Asiago Prosciutto Rice Stars with Pesto Dipping Sauce

IMG_3419My original plan was to make these shaped like footballs, as in the recipe from Hungry Happenings, since I was bringing them to a Super Bowl party. But I didn’t have a football-shaped cookie cutter, and my brilliant plan of using a cup did not work since you really need a mold, and the only cookie cutter shape I have is a star, and so here we are! But I’m pretty impressed with how they turned out!!

– Make 3 cups of rice, the stickier the better – I used sushi rice
– Mix the rice with:
— 1c shredded Asiago
— 4oz chopped prosciutto
— 2 eggs
— Salt and pepper

– Press the mixture into your cookie cutter, about 1/3-1/2in high, and carefully place onto something non-stick, like tinfoil

– Fry on both sides in a mix of olive and grape seed oil (or at least that was my combination, they just say olive but I think the oil gets too hot for that)

– Drain on paper towels

– Serve with a mix of basil pesto and Greek yogurt (or they use mayo, but of course I don’t, and this combination was goooood!)

Go Seahawks!!