Coconut Creamed Spinach

20140822-192346-69826415.jpgAs part 2 of our 4-course meal, we decided to make creamed spinach. Although neither of us are opposed to dairy, we decided to try Paleo Comfort Food’s version with coconut milk instead – it didn’t turn out super creamy, but it was pretty good!

The recipe calls for frozen spinach, and we used a mix of frozen and fresh – we just heated them both in a skillet and then wrung out the excess water (if you’re using just fresh, use a lot ’cause it doesn’t go very far, and the recipe calls for a pound of frozen!)

Then we heated 1/2c coconut milk with some chopped garlic, and then removed from heat and stirred in 1/2tsp coconut flour to thicken

Simultaneously, we sautéed shallot and garlic in olive oil with a lot of paprika until the shallot was translucent

Then we put the spinach and the coconut into the pan with the shallot, added salt and pepper, and stirred

And that’s it!