Blueberry Pie Parfait

20140806-141051-51051988.jpgI was with my family this last weekend and my cousins were craving blueberry pie for dessert, but not until the last minute which meant calling all sorts of places trying to find someone who wasn’t sold out. And the whole time I was like, “Let’s just make one!” And I was looking up recipes, telling them how easy it was, etc, and they were like, nah, that will be too much hassle. But I got the idea in my head, and decided to make one anyway as soon as I got home!

Only thing was that I was multi-tasking and so ended up making it while on the phone, which meant not reading the recipe (which I got from gfe), not measuring, and not allowing enough time for the thing to set before serving it. Nonetheless, I think it turned out pretty well (although I’m guessing my cousins are happy with their decision…). Here’s how it went down:

– Put a bunch of blueberries in a large saucepan – I used ~4 cups
– Add in:
— Lemon juice (I used about half a lemon)
— Arrowroot or some other thickener, mixed with water – not too much water! I think this was my biggest problem. Also they say 2tbsp+ of arrowroot, which I definitely didn’t read and didn’t do, which was a whole nother problem. Follow directions! (ha – at least important ones like this)
— Sugar or some sort of sweetener. They say honey, but I discovered I was almost out. I just threw in a couple handfuls of sugar, but really it’s fruit so it doesn’t need much!!
— Salt – just a sprinkle
— Coconut oil – a spoonful or two. Could also do butter or whatever else you want
– Heat on med, stirring occasionally, 2-5 minutes, until it starts to look like the inside of a blueberry pie!
(Note: apparently some of the ingredients, like the lemon juice and coconut oil aren’t supposed to be added until this point, but I don’t think it makes a difference)

Meanwhile… Make the crust:
– Mix together almond and cashew meal (or whatever you have) with a mix of honey and coconut oil (or you can just do one or the other or butter – I like the mix because then it’s sweet but not too sweet) until it is a sticky dough consistency
– Press into the pie pan and chill until you’re ready for it
– Pour in the hot blueberry mixture – stir in some fresh blueberries for fun! I added about a cup – and chill for at least an hour – part can be in the freezer if you’re in a rush like me

Make a honey topping to go with it – they say honey whipped cream, but I did honey and full fat Greek yogurt, which is super delicious!

If your pie is then pie-like, you can cut pieces and serve with the topping. If it’s still pretty runny, serve it in pretty glasses, parfait-style!