Bacon-Wrapped Footballs


Happy Super Bowl everyone!! In honor, I wanted to make something on-theme. Also something savory so I could use melted cheese to make the laces. I didn’t really find a recipe to follow, but it worked out like this:

– Pit some dates
– Stick bits of string cheese in the pit holes
– Wrap each date in ~1/3 strip of bacon and place on a cookie sheet, seam side down
– Bake at ~350/375*f for ~20 minutes
– Cut string cheese to make the laces (it didn’t really work to just pull the strings, which was kind of disappointing)
– Put the strings on the dates and put them back in the cooling oven for a couple minutes so the strings melt, but not too much
– Voila!

For your vegetarian friends, just skip the bacon part – still works! And they actually look more like footballs, so…

Go Brohawks!!