Asparagus Soup with Coconut Milk


I bought asparagus and then on a whim decided to defrost some soup stock, so then I needed a way to use them together. I found this recipe from Bitter Sweet which I was able to approximate from items in my fridge, as per usual. It’s pretty simple, in fact in my shorthand it looks like this:

20140130-130247.jpg But here’s the full version:

– Heat oil in a pan. I used coconut because coconut milk comes in later so why not?
– Add in chopped onion and ginger and sauté until soft (she says leeks, but I didn’t have any. Also I would add in a bunch of ginger because I did an inch like she said and in the end I couldn’t taste it)

– Add in chopped asparagus (I also added in celery because it was dying in my fridge, and it seemed like it would take a similar amount of time to cook)
– Add in soup stock – I did a mix of my defrosted stock and some freshly-made bone broth, enough to cover the veggies
– Simmer for ~8-10 minutes – not sure how long I actually did it, but that’s what she recommends

– Add in coconut milk – she says 1 cup, which is ~ what I did because I needed some for another project, but if I had it to do again I would use the whole can (which by the way, does anyone have a kind they like? I just looked at the ingredients on mine and it says “water” which seems like a waste to me)
– Add in any other greens. I used the tops of some beets, because that’s what I had and otherwise I was just gonna toss them
– Add in lemon zest – I only had 1/4 of a dried-out lemon, so I did what I could and also added in some of the juice. This worked ok
– Add in pepper (and salt, although I don’t think she calls for it)
– Immersion blend until smooth-ish

– Serve with a floater of olive oil