Sesame Steamed Broccoli


When I’m sick (which I have been for way too long – thanks, menopausal weather) I tend to crave broccoli. And all I want to do is lightly steam or blanch a bunch of it and then eat it like carrot sticks. Nothing wrong with that, but this time I decided to dress it up a little bit. The Clothes Make the Girl gives 10 ways to dress up broccoli, and I chose to sort of follow #1:

– Steam the broccoli
– Put a bunch of sesame seeds in a pan to toast
– Replace the seeds with sesame oil and chopped shallot until they’re soft
– Toss with the broccoli and sesame seeds
– Salt and pepper to your liking

This was a good move. And then people whose taste buds aren’t dead can eat it too!