New Year’s Apple and Honey Personal Pie

I had found this incredible-looking recipe for individual peach pies from From Glitter to Gumdrops where you take a whole peach, cut it in half, cut out the pit and fill the inside with honey. Then wrap the whole thing in pie dough and bake it at 400*f for ~15 minutes. What? So amazing and simple!

I decided to try it with apples and honey, for the new year 🙂

I also decided to try it with almond flour pie crust from Elena’s Pantry, which is also super simple:
– Mix 2c almond flour with 1/4tsp salt, 1 egg, and 2tbsp coconut oil.

With that amount of pie dough we covered one apple, and one peach – in case the apple idea didn’t work (it did, by the way, and come to find out it’s an alternative suggestion in Glitter’s post anyway…) but it was probably actually enough dough for 3 pieces of fruit.

We baked them at 350*f for probably 20 minutes and then let them cool while we had dinner. They were delicious, especially the apple! But I have some suggestions:

1) If you eat butter, try using butter in the pie dough – the coconut oil was a little distracting in the final product.

2) Add some flavor to the dough, like nutmeg or cardamom or whatever you like. It was fine as-was, but could have been an asset.

3) The peach pie fell apart while it was baking. I’m not sure exactly why, but probably somewhat because of the non-traditional dough choice. But the apple didn’t fall apart, so we know it does work. So maybe prop them up on something or tie string around them to give extra support?

4) The apple one actually tasted better than the peach. I think that was partially because I had put too much dough on the peach one so it was little overwhelmed, and maybe because the almond taste didn’t go as well with the peach. So I would say make sure not to use too much dough, and/or use a different dough like a coconut flour-based one.

5) The honey absorbs into the fruit and the crust, which makes sense, although I had been hoping it would spill out dramatically when you cut into it like a lava cake. So maybe when you’re serving it have extra honey on the side. Or keep track of where the top is and squirt some honey into the center after it’s done baking. I don’t know.