GAPS Intro Pancakes

The GAPS diet is essentially a serious elimination diet aimed at fixing whatever gut issues someone might have (or, I guess, autism, which is its primary goal). If you have any gut issues you should look into it. If not, good for you, and you can read this post out of intellectual curiosity.

This recipe for pancakes comes directly out of recommendations for Stage 3 of the diet introduction, directly from the book. She says that you can make pancakes from:
– Nut butter
– Egg
РPur̩ed squash

I was skeptical, but it totally worked! I mixed ~2tbsp peanut butter (why is this in my fridge?), 1 egg, and almost half a zucchini (that I processed in the little food processor attachment to my immersion blender – so cool!). It seems like the more squash you use the thicker and “fluffier” the pancakes will be, so keep that in mind. Then I fried them in butter (although for GAPS you’re supposed to use ghee or goose fat or something like that).

They totally puffed up and got a pancake-like texture – I was very impressed. As for taste, if I was going for that, I would add some salt next time, and potentially some other spices. As it was, they didn’t taste like much, except kind of like peanut butter. But I put some maple syrup on them and they were totally edible.