Cantaloupe Mint Granita

Even though my cousin had brought all sorts of cooking magazines with her, we found this recipe in a little daily paper called The Cape Codder. It claims you can make sorbet without an ice cream maker, but it’s really more of a granita – small ice crystals that you stir periodically as it freezes so they don’t freeze together in one big ice cube. I’d never made one before so this was exciting:

– Make a simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar. Add lime juice, lime zest, and mint leaves.
(This is to sweeten and flavor the already sweet cantaloupe, so do it according to taste. The lime and mint were lovely and really came through so I wouldn’t skip this entirely, and I read somewhere that things don’t taste as sweet when they’re frozen, which would explain a lot, but I’m sure plain cantaloupe ice would be good too!)

– Simmer the syrup for ~10 min. Put in the freezer to cool.

– Purée the cantaloupe (or honestly you could do this with anything. We weren’t sure about the cantaloupe we bought so we were thinking of adding in nectarines and raspberries. But then the cantaloupe was perfect and the raspberries had taken a turn for the worse, so we left it as-is)

– Stir in the strained simple syrup, and place it all in a shallow dish in the freezer. Then scrape and stir it every half hour until it’s totally crystallized – like a snow cone!

(Side note, the recipe says to chill the concoction in a bowl in the fridge for 2 hours before starting the freezer process. Why? If anyone has any rationale for this please share, otherwise just skip this step.)

– We served ours in little dishes with fresh blueberries on top – oh man, also highly recommended!

I will say, while granita is a little labor intensive – being that the whole process is ~3-4 hours and there really isn’t much flexibility in the timing of everything – you don’t have to do much. So if you’re planning to hang around the house for a morning or whatever anyway, or if you have multiple people around who could cover for you if you have to run out, then it’s totally doable and totally worth it!!