Sweet Brown Rice Pudding

I’m working my way through all the grains in my cupboard, and came across some sweet brown rice – little grains that looks like they should be used for risotto – perfect for rice pudding!

I found this recipe from Maoomba for a breakfast rice pudding, which is kind of perfect because I knew it wouldn’t be that sweet. Theirs is actually less sweet than mine because they only sweeten it with raisins, whereas I didn’t have any (or anything close) so I added some coconut sugar.

The procedure:
– Soak the rice overnight (or another recipe I saw said to pulse it in a food processor to make it more absorbent)
– Cook it in a pot with 1 can of coconut milk and one cup of water for every original cup of rice (I can’t actually vouch for this ratio as I didn’t measure how much rice I started with, but it sounds pretty good. Also it’s pretty forgiving). Also add in sweetener if you’re going that route. Stir occasionally
– (Make sure you have enough time as this will take an hour or two)
– Add in whatever else you want: raisins, cinnamon, orange zest – actually an amazing idea! I added in some zest I’d dried during my compote-making
– Serve!

The rice continues to absorb after it cools, so if you’re not serving it warm/right away, you can take it off the stove when it’s still a little runny, as long as the rice itself is nice and soft.