Parmesan Chips

Making chips out of just Parmesan cheese?! How decadent, and GF!! I used a recipe from Food Renegade as my guide.

Basically you just make little mounds of grated Parmesan on a baking sheet and put it under the broiler until it melts completely and starts to brown.

It’s possible my mom jinxed me on this one because she said she likes the posts best when I screw up and have to improvise… Well, the recipe says to make “relatively thin” dollops, which is open to all kinds of interpretation. I made 2 sheets of these chips and either it was the difference in the pan, or the dollops I made on one of them were too thin, or I let them go for too long, or something, because they stuck to the pan and I couldn’t get them off except in little chips that are way to small to dip in anything.

So, as a result, I would say error on the side of too thick, and maybe take them out on the early side too – when the sizzling bubbles start to die down. With the pan that worked, the Parmesan was still totally soft when I took them out so that I had to wait to get them off. The pan that didn’t work was pretty hard immediately.

So what to do with the Parmesan chip-ettes? I think they’d be great on a salad, like in place of croutons. Or I ended up mixing them with some goat cheese (and water to thin it – is that standard?) and some spinach for color to make a dip. That was pretty delicious.