Rose Spoon Sweet with Goat Cheese

This was my first attempt at using my new Rose Spoon Sweet from Greece. Apparently different islands in Greece are known for different spoon sweets, and the rose one is from Lakonia. If you want to make your own, I found this recipe which looks pretty straightforward.

For an appetizer one night, I decided to try the rose spoon dessert with goat cheese on Mary’s Gone Crackers. This was delicious and beautiful, and everyone was into it (even my brother who doesn’t like sweet and cheese together [and yet he likes cheesecake – I should have called him out on that!]) However the rose flavor is on the subtle side and I think the goat cheese may have been a little overpowering – at least, it didn’t highlight the rose flavor in the way I was hoping.

I’m now envisioning it paired with something more whipped cream-like, maybe in a trifle or something (I don’t know, I’ve never made a trifle – those are the things with the lady fingers, right?) so we’ll see.