Mango & Nectarine Chicken Tagine

My brother was in town visiting, and I had just found this recipe on Gojee for Plum & Nectarine Chicken Tagine which looked worthy.

We followed it pretty closely, only I only had 3 nectarines, and no plums, so I added in a mango and a couple small carrots. Also I only had 5 kalamata olives (oops!) so we added those, but I didn’t even notice them in the final result. Also we used lime instead of lemon. And we served it with red quinoa instead of rice or bread – the flavor of the chicken was rich enough that it totally balanced.

The recipe has you brown the chicken in olive oil (we did 3 drumsticks and 2 legs) and then remove the chicken and brown the onions, and then add in half the ingredients, cook for 15 minutes, and then add in the other half.
I screwed this up, and basically put everything in together (aside from the chicken which I added after 15) and that seemed to work just fine.

I think the mango substitution worked great! It tasted fresh and bright, with a light sweetness perfect for a summer meal.