Zucchini Boats

I’m learning things through this cooking process. For instance, not all recipes are created equal. Like this one from Taste of Home. It seemed pretty simple – not many spices or flavorings, and in the end I wished I’d given it something more. It’s a great idea, and pretty healthy, and not that hard to put together, but yeah, as is it was a little bland. But I have plenty of thoughts for next time!!

1) Hollow out the zucchini halves and save the insides

2) Cook the insides with onion, ground beef, and chopped peppers and mushrooms until the meat is brown. Next time I would add a bunch of stuff to this mixture, like wine, and spices.

Then it says to drain the mixture. I think this was a bad idea. I would say instead to add something like cornstarch or arrowroot to thicken it, but keep it! You’re draining out all the flavor!!

3) Add in cheese. I added in ricotta (love of my month!), and a little gruyere, and Gouda. I think in this case the ricotta may have been too mild to compensate for the lack of flavor in everything else, so I would have done less of that and more of the others. The original recipe calls for cheddar, which I’m sure would be good if you’re into that, but that fake orange is not my thing…

It also says to add in ketchup, which I didn’t do. Instead I added in a little unsweetened cranberry juice and white wine, but I think it was too late.

4) Load it into the boats and cover with more cheese. I had way more than enough to fill the boats, so I stuffed a couple pepper halves as well.

5) Cook at 350*f for ~15 minutes.

I want to be clear: they didn’t turn out bad, it’s just that most of what I make is ridiculous! And I’m not exaggerating about that. So if I make something like this that is… fine, we need to have a conversation.