Ricotta Toast with Kalamata Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Sometimes you throw something together while you’re waiting for whatever it is you’re actually cooking to be done, finally, and it ends up being so good that you make it your dinner instead!

Enter: Ricotta Toast.

Actually, can we first just talk about ricotta? Where have you been all my life??! I always forget how insanely delicious it is, and then when I finally buy it, randomly, it’s just all I want. (And yes, it will probably be in everything for the next week or so)

Ok, so this toast. It’s just ricotta on toast with chopped kalamata olives and oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes on top. The light creaminess of the ricotta balances the intensity of the others, and it makes for an amazing combination. I think it would make a great simple appetizer (actually, now that you mention it, I’m totally going to make it for friends coming over tonight!)