Kale and Chorizo with Fried Eggs

This is so simple and so delicious – well, to be fair, what that has chorizo in it isn’t delicious??

I got the recipe from Serious Eats and only made a few modifications.

1) Blanch the kale. I didn’t salt the water, and I didn’t leave it in for very long as I like my kale on the raw side

2) Fry the chorizo. I didn’t add any extra oil – the oil naturally in it is plenty!

3) Sauté the kale in with the chorizo. I added a little pepper, but I didn’t add any salt – didn’t seem like it needed it.

4) Make the eggs. They say to poach them, which I cannot do even after watching 4 YouTube videos, and is therefore the #1 thing I order when I GO OUT for brunch. So I just fried the eggs in the leftover chorizo fat. So good! You really don’t need any other flavoring when you cook everything in it.

Put the eggs on the kale/chorizo, and serve!