Tuna, Black Bean Quesadillas with Zucchini and Mushrooms

Really I just googled “tuna, black beans” and this recipe for quesadillas came up – which I didn’t follow, but which was enough to inspire me to make what I did:

Sautéed chopped
– onion
– garlic
Split that into 2 pans. In one I put
– a can of black beans – unrinced
In the other I put
– a chopped zucchini
– 5 chopped mushrooms
– salt and pepper
I let them both cook until the veggies had released liquid and the beans had absorbed theirs, then I kind of smashed them with the back of my spoon so they were more like refried.
Then I mixed
– a can of tuna with
– most of an avocado and
– salt and paprika

Then I coated a small pan with olive oil and assembled the quesadilla:
– a small flour tortilla (but corn would obviously be fine)
– a small amount of gruyere spanning the bottom
– tuna, beans, veggies, more gruyere, another tortilla.
Flipped it once! And served it with
– Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream – highly recommended!)

This turned out quite good. I really wish I’d had some salsa or something to go with it, but otherwise I’m very happy with the results (which makes me doubly upset that I forgot my lunch today).

Also if you really load it up with the good stuff and don’t use that much cheese and oil, these things are pretty healthy!! All the ingredients made about 4-5 quesadillas.