Roasted Acorn Squash with Tempeh and Brussels Sprouts

This recipe started from TasteFood’s acorn squash recipe, which features my three favorite spices: cumin, coriander, and, of course, paprika. Yum! That’s what sold me. And I plan to use this combination in other things going forward, now that I know they work so well together!!

But I wanted to make it into a meal, so I added in brussels sprouts and tempeh. Just trimmed and halved/cubed. It also meant that I had to ~double the spice rub mixture.

And I’m not doing sugar this month (this happens periodically) so I cut out the sugar – and I didn’t miss it.

And I still haven’t bought more olive oil, so I used coconut. This worked fine, except it doesn’t work as well when trying to coat everything because it’s solid at room temperature, so you have to heat it a little or just really get your hands involved.

Also, the recipe said to bake at 425*f for 45 minutes, but for me it started burning at around 30 so I took it out. Not sure exactly why that happened, maybe the oil? But I would check it periodically to make sure you don’t burn yours – although I got them out in time and they were fine.

I used a jalapeño pepper instead of a serrano because the store didn’t have any – weird. But it worked great.

And the final thing is that I forgot to pick up cilantro. I love cilantro and was kicking myself about this, but with the lime and the jalapeño it was still absurdly delicious!!