Kitchen Sink Smoothie

Smoothies are amazingly versatile. Skip the ice, add in protein, fat, and veggies, and they can be dinner!! Fruit will cover the taste of almost anything – especially bananas – so add in whatever you want!!

Everything that went into this one:
Frozen pineapple
Frozen mango
Unsweetened vanilla yogurt
Almond milk
Almond butter
Protein powder

Other ingredients I like to add:
Oats (you don’t have to cook them, just blend them raw)
Spinach or other greens (as long as they’re not too intense in flavor, or really the milder the green the more you can put in – like I used to make a smoothie with half a head of lettuce and one banana, and it tasted fine)
Other fruit (duh)
Chia seeds (great source of protein and fiber, and they get the consistency of little tapioca pearls if you leave them in for a couple hours or over night)
Almond meal or other nuts or nut butters
Coconut water or milk
Pumpkin (I love pumpkin in everything)
A million other things, I’m sure!

Whatever you choose, put it in a cup or bowl and immersion-blend it!

It’s best in the summer, when everything’s in season, but it can be good for a boost this time of year too – makes any time of year feel like spring!