Sweet Potato Curry

  I’ve been getting really into one-pot meals, mainly to appease a certain someone who has the impression that any time I say I want to cook, it will be a 3 hour ordeal… So this one from Shock Munch was an attempt (which probably took about one hour – but that’s better!)

We followed their recipe, except:
– Used canola oil instead of grapeseed (I know, not my kitchen…)
– They call for a sweet onion, and I used a red?
– We added in mushrooms – totally delicious. I say add whatever you want!
– Used red curry paste instead of yellow – they don’t mention the yellow part until you’re actually in the recipe, and who honestly reads those in advance? But the red turned out great!
– We used way more spinach than they said to, and that was smart
– Tamari instead of soy sauce 
– We served it over these goopy rice noodles, which was kind of a fun change

Result was great. Ben thought it was a little heavy and that lite coconut milk would be better. I obviously disagree, but now you can make an informed decision!