Lettuce Sauce over Smoked Salmon, Tomato, and Egg

  If you join a CSA, you have to expect that you’ll end up with some produce that you’re not especially fond of, and for me that’s lettuce.  Seriously, it’s so boring, and there are so many better salad greens – in terms of nutrition, texture, and flavor.  So what to do with a head of red leaf?  

There are actually many creative fun things out there (which will likely come in handy since I’ll be super surprised if this is the only head of lettuce I get all season) but I decided to make this sauce from the Food Network that they say is good on all sorts of things – fish, chicken, etc.  It has a great flavor, almost like an alternative to pesto, and using my whole head of lettuce I ended up with about 2 cups (which I consumed surprisingly fast) Here’s how it went:

– Blend together in a food processor:
— 1 egg yolk (farm fresh!)
— 1 head of lettuce (they say bibb, but I used my red leaf)
— 1 1/2 tsp capers (they say rinsed, which I kind of did)
— Juice of 1 lemon
— 1 tbsp parsley (they say chopped, but why? you’re pureeing it anyway…)
— 1 tbsp shallot (they also say chopped…)

– When everything is smooth and with the processor still running, poor in 1/2 cup olive oil
– (They also say to add salt and pepper, but I didn’t think it needed it because of the capers)

– Chill until you’re ready to use

– Pour over whatever!! 

Super delicious with tomatoes. The salmon was good too. The egg was ok.