Mushroom Medley with Wild Rice, Parsley, and Apricots

20140714-090505-32705872.jpgI love wild rice – maybe it’s the whole growing up in Minnesota thing – and I’ve had some siting in my cupboard for a long time now that I finally remembered. Also, due to a raw food stint in pre-blog times, I discovered that if you soak wild rice long enough, the grains soften and you don’t need to cook them, which is super helpful when it’s summer and you don’t want a pot on your stove for 40+ minutes.

Sidebar: I think wild rice kind of smells like tea – does anyone else get that?

Anyway, I found this recipe for wild rice with oyster mushrooms from Knead for Food and sort of followed that to do this:

– Soak the wild rice for at least 24hrs (if you’re not planning to cook it) (I think I soaked mine for closer to 48 because my cooking plans got delayed)

– Heat a combination of oil and butter on the stove (I did grape seed oil and butter, and you can skip the butter if you want it vegan)
– Add in a chopped shallot (or shallot-red onion combo if you’re underprepared like me…) and sauté until soft
– Add in all your mushrooms. I did a mix of crimini, shiitake, and oyster, which ended up being really fun, but use whatever mushrooms you have/like – and use a lot of them! Sauté until pretty much cooked

– Add in chopped dried apricots – not too many – and this was my addition completely: it just seemed like it would be a good combination, and it totally is!!
– Add in some wine – they say white, which makes the most sense to me, but I only had red. It was a sweet, light red though so I thought maybe it would be ok, and it was
– Add in the wild rice and let it all meld in the pan until the liquid is gone

– Add in salt and pepper
– Add in a bunch of chopped parsley – I don’t think you can add too much here
– Serve!!