Shaved Sweet Potato and Asparagus with Sausage Crumbles


I had read this thing about how good sweet potatoes and asparagus are for you, and then I went out and bought them, and then I wondered if there was anything I could make with both of them, since it seemed like a bit if a weird pairing. But I found this recipe from Inspiralized that looked interesting, and also called for sausage, which I had!

What I didn’t have is a spiralizer. And while I am generally anti buying random kitchen things I don’t have room for that can only do one thing, you really can’t fake what a spiralizer does, so I will probably get one one of these days.

Instead, I just used my peeler to make thin strips of both the sweet potato and the asparagus, and this worked well enough!

I will also point out that my sweet potato was white on the inside, which was a surprise to me when I cut into it. Maybe it’s the first true sweet potato I’ve encountered? Not sure.

Anyway, here’s what you do:
– Crumble your sausage and brown it in a pan in oil (I used coconut) (also they say 2 sausage links and I only had one, and in the end I thought it would have been better if there were more – better balance of savory and sweet – but it was ok)
– Add in the sweet potato shavings, chopped garlic, and some liquid (they say beef broth but I didn’t have any so I just did water and bacon fat… Totally the same thing, right?)
– Also add in parsley if you have it – I didn’t
– Cook until the sweet potato is almost cooked through
– Add in the asparagus (and when you shave the asparagus, hold onto the tip so that part stays intact and throw the tips in too – makes for a little crunch which is great)
– Salt and pepper
– Garnish with cheese if you have, which I didn’t, but I think that would have been pretty delicious

In the end, I think it’s a pretty good combination!