Blueberry Cranberry Syrup

This syrup came about because we had just made this delicious Irish Cream French Toast and had completely neglected a topping (not that it needed it, let’s be honest, but why waste the opportunity?)

We didn’t have any of your traditional syrup-makers, like sugar or honey or any other kind of sweeteners. But we did have some fresh blueberries, and we did have some dried, sweetened cranberries left over from a salad – perfect!

We covered the blueberries and cranberries with water in a small pot, and simmered them and smushed them until they disintegrated – took about 15 minutes. And done! Very delicious and easy and probably better for you than most things you could buy (although I’m not sure what they used to sweeten the cranberries – does anyone have a good resource for unsweetened dried cranberries?)