Irish Cream Black Tea French Toast

Why make regular French toast when you can make fancy, exciting French toast?

For this one, replace the milk you’d normally add with Irish Cream and black tea, add vanilla and cinnamon, and voila!

I got the recipe idea from Spa Bettie (who actually uses silken tofu instead of eggs to make her French toast vegan – although I’m pretty sure Irish Cream has cream in it, so…). She uses Bailey’s in her recipe. We used Brady’s in ours because it was way cheaper, but then I found this review where, if you check out comment #2, it actually sounds like we made the superior choice! Good for us.

Some notes:
– Make sure to use enough Brady’s – being the boozer I am, in my GF batch you could really taste it, but in my friends’ it was a little too subtle.
– Figure out some way to make the black tea taste stronger: I’m always nervous to let black tea steep for too long because I don’t want it to get bitter, but as it was the flavor wasn’t strong enough. Maybe make it ahead and let it evaporate for a while? Any other thoughts?
– We served it with homemade blueberry-cranberry syrup, and crushed raw pecans. Yum!