Oeuf à la Coque

I have been obsessed with Oeuf à la Coque ever since visiting a friend in Miami years ago when his amazing French wife made it for me. But I’d never attempted to make it for myself until now! Part of the inspiration was reading about how good raw egg yolk is for you. Raw seemed a little extreme, but almost-raw I can do – and it’s delicious!!

I got the instructions from a translated French site Cuisine et Recettes (unfortunately my French is not good enough these days to translate for myself…)

Here’s what you do:
– Boil the water, turn the stove off, stick the eggs in – carefully!
– Return to boil for 3 minutes, run under cold water to stop cooking.
– Stick in an egg cup, crack around the top to take it off, add salt and pepper to the egg, stir it around with a toast strip,
– Eat it!

Some notes:
– It took a while for the water to start boiling again after I put the eggs in, about 3 minutes by itself, so I only had it cooking on a full boil for about 1 minute (for a total of 4 minutes in the water), and that seemed to work
– I actually have a toaster oven these days, but I guess I forgot about it? because I made my toast in a pan with Earth Balance. This was so good I would highly recommend that you try it!
– Who, who is not French, actually has egg cups? I don’t (clearly, from the pictures) so I used a little jar that magically perfectly fit! But if that didn’t work I was going to try padding a larger cup, like maybe a measuring cup, to support the egg. You can figure something out!
– I used a little spoon to scoop out the not-runny part of the egg after I was finished. Up to you.

Also, off the subject but somewhat relevant, I am headed to Greece tomorrow for 10 days, so if you don’t hear from me it’s because 100% of my blogging takes place on my phone during my subway commute, and I will be thousands of miles from the subway, and from my phone! But be on the lookout for homemade moussaka and dolmas when I get back!!