Broccoli Tempeh

I’m actually going out of town at the end of the week (Greece, what?!) which means using up what’s in my fridge, including this tempeh that I bought forever ago but never used (but apparently it keeps for a long time if you don’t open the package – lucky for me!)

I got some broccoli to go with it and then made this simple dish from The Wannabe Chef (sounds like my kind of chef!) which basically entailed:

1) Steam the broccoli

2) Cook the tempeh with
– vinegar (they said apple cider, I used red wine)
– tamari
– agave
– spice (they said chili powder, I used paprika)
– toasted sesame oil

3) Add in the broccoli and
– onion
– garlic (they said powdered, I used fresh)
– salt

Here’s what I liked about this recipe: the fact that you actually end up with a sauce and well seasoned tempeh. I find a lot of tempeh recipes just say to sauté it basically dry and add it into whatever. This was cooked in a lot of liquid for a while and became quite flavorful! And so did everything else.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the recipe: the steaming of the broccoli. I think you should just blanch it because by the time you add it in with the tempeh and it cooks for longer, it was definitely over-cooked for my taste. It took longer than expected for the sauce to cook down, so that may have had something to do with it.