Almond Butter Matzah Brei

So, a couple things.

1) Yes, 3 breakfasts later the Passover pumpkin pie is gone.

2) Turns out, Matzah Brei is pretty much French toast, which means you can do whatever you want with it!

3) Speaking of French toast, I was reminded of a time I made French toast out of leftover PB&J sandwiches I’d made for this youth event, and how awesome they were.

Anyway, this recipe from Parsley, Sage and Sweet (notice the lack of Oxford comma) basically just says to put almond (or peanut) butter in with the eggs that you mix with the matzah, and cook it like usual, and then top it with homemade jam.

I decided to top it with maple butter and bananas, which was exceptionally delicious!!

For those of you who didn’t grow up eating this stuff one week out of every year of your life, to make Matzah Brei:

Break matzah into pieces and run under water/soak until soft but not mushy

Mix with eggs (about one for every 2 pieces of matzah)

Fry in a pan

Top with whatever! Savory or sweet.