Kale, Sun Dried Tomato, and Swiss Frittata

I had friends coming over for brunch and wanted to make something a little more exciting than omelets – although I had all the ingredients:
Sun dried tomatoes
Swiss cheese
Almond milk – plain, unsweetened

I found a recipe for a frittata from Five o’Clock Food Recipes that had similar ingredients, so we sort of followed it.

We sautéed the onion and kale (as much as would fit in my frying pan) in a mix of coconut oil and oil from the sun dried tomatoes. (We sautéed the mushrooms separately because we had a mushroom-hater coming). We then mixed 6 eggs with almond milk, salt, and paprika (in the move I misplaced my pepper and have yet to find it). We then added in the kale, cheese, and tomatoes. The recipe then said to put it back in the pan and let it set for a minute before putting it in a 325*f oven. I don’t trust my frying pans in the oven, so we skipped that step and just put it in a small casserole dish in the oven directly. We had to cook it a little longer, more like 20-25 min, but it turned out great!!

Serving suggestion: sautéed mushrooms and sliced avocado – so good!

And since we made it with so much kale, and really just enough egg and cheese to comfortably coat it, it ended up being pretty good for you – win-win!