Roasted Eggplant Dip with Sun Dried Tomatoes

I feel a little bad about this one because I didn’t tell anyone I was making it, and I ate it ALL before anyone could even get a taste. It may have been the worst time to decide to make a half-recipe. Make a full one! Or a double!!

This recipe came pretty directly from ECurry and it’s pretty simple to make: you just roast an eggplant (or 2 If you’re smart) at 500*f for half an hour, scrape out the insides (I decided not to keep the skin this time because it was pretty charred, but it may have been ok), blend it up with the sun dried tomatoes and salt, and add in everything else!

I didn’t use garlic (again, really not sure I can find any fresh enough near me to comfortably eat raw, but I bet roasted garlic would have been good!)

I used oil-packed sun dried tomatoes (they are so superior!)

I used parsley as my herb. I’m sure cilantro would have been good too. And I actually hate dill, but if you like it you would probably like it in this! One thing I will say, though, don’t put too much parsley in. I think I was just on the cusp of putting in too much and the texture suffered.

I also didn’t add in extra olive oil. It didn’t seem to need it, and my immersion blender could handle it just fine because there was so much water in the eggplant (I actually drained some of the water before blending it!)

I used a Serrano chili – always a good choice. I used red onion (it had been a while and I do love them!). The pine nuts were a great addition. And of course paprika for the garnish!