Chocolate Cherry Protein Bars

Wow chocolate is amazing – I never add it to things unless I’m making brownies or something, but that may change.

This awesomeness, from Dramatic Pancake is like make-your-own Lara Bars, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I made a few of changes and they came out tasting great, but they were a little crumbly. Here’s what I think happened:

I used Deglet Noor dates (just looked up the name) which are not as plump and sticky as Medjool. This, I think, is the main reason they didn’t end up sticking together well. (Medjool are better in my opinion anyway, hence the reason they were out of them at the store). In remedy, I added a few tablespoons of almond butter, which helped a lot, but I think the dates are the key.

I used pumpkin seeds instead of almonds – totally tasty, and such a good crunch!! Will definitely make that choice again.

The cherries are super intense! Delicious, but I almost want to cut it with something (like ice cream!) So next time I will either skip or replace them with something less rich, like currants.

Also, apparently my mom doesn’t like dates. I have never heard of this. But it made me think that Turkish apricots might make a good substitute, since they’re super gooey too. Something to try!

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