Sand Art Salad

I’m stealing this back from my friend Marisa, since I have my own blog now – but check her out at Marisa’s Healthy Kitchen, her recipes are amazing!!

This salad you can make with anything, but the more things the better, and the smaller you chop everything the more flavors you get in each bite!

In this one I put:
Red cabbage (a staple in all my salads)
Red onion
Green pepper
Pumpkin seeds

Then I take a mixture of olive or sesame oil, raspberry or another vinegar, salt, and pepper, and pour it down one side so it doesn’t make the hole salad mushy. And then when it’s time for lunch I just shake it up!

Other things I like to put in this salad:
Goat Gouda or other cheese
Hard-boiled egg that is actually still soft in the center so the yolk kind of mixes with the dressing – yum!!
Raw corn cut off the cob – if you haven’t tried this you’re missing out!! No reason to cook corn: it’s delicious as-is and it stays a vegetable instead of turning into a starch
Basil or other herbs
Grated raw root vegetables
Kale or other greens. Massage the kale first (or even run it through a juicer and use the leftover pulp!) so that it’s softer
Other seeds and nuts
Other oils and vinegars or lemon juice