Lamb Ragu over Homemade Egg Noodles


This is another dish I made with my mom. We had originally wanted to make a short-rib ragu, come to find out that the shortest recipe I could find still takes a full day. We decided instead on this recipe from Herbie Likes Spaghetti whose recipes I’ve cooked from in the past and they always come out delicious (and this was no exception).

We used pureed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce (I thought it would be practically the same and I didn’t want the extra sugar)
We used some not-so-dry red wine that my mom already had open in the fridge
We probably didn’t put in enough crushed red pepper (I often don’t measure – oops!)
We made our own egg noodles and cut them thinner than the original pappardelle (see below)

The result was probably a sweeter, tangier version of the original, but still great!

The noodles:
Apparently egg noodles are literally egg and flour. You mix eggs with more and more flour until they can make a ball that is not sticky but also doesn’t fall apart – about 2 eggs for every cup or so of flour. If you’re using a food processor, then it will make little balls, like you see below. Then you roll it out thin and cut it into strips. Or you use some sort of pasta maker, like the one at my mom’s house (she lives in Minneapolis so she has a kitchen big enough for such things!) So delicious and fresh – totally worth the effort!