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Ginger Cookies

So I actually followed Comfy Belly‘s recipe for Ginger SNAP Cookies pretty closely, so why my cookies ended up incredibly soft (but still good!) I couldn’t tell you. Probably the honey, although that… Continue reading

Banana Bread Bread Pudding

This amazingness was born out of Banana Bread attempt #3, which wasn’t exactly the success I had hoped. But when I used it to make banana bread pudding, all was forgiven! Here’s the… Continue reading

Begun Bharta – Indian Eggplant Dish

I had this delicious begun bharta with a friend via take-out and thought, “I should make this!” Well, I did make it, but theirs was better. But I think I know what I… Continue reading

Spice-stuffed Baby Zucchini

I saw these adorable baby zucchinis at the store the other day and was intrigued! Most recipes I found said to slice and sauté them, but this one from DVO looked more interesting,… Continue reading

Wild Rosehip Tea

This isn’t so much a recipe as a how-cool-is-this? I was coming down with the dreaded summer cold, and my cousins suggested I make tea from the rosehips growing on a bush we… Continue reading

Chilled Curry Zucchini Soup

Unlike zucchini bread, this recipe from Heather Christo actually does call for a lot of zucchini – basically as much as you want to put in, in my opinion. It’s fairly simple, too,… Continue reading

Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Inspiration for this one came from the tomatillos and red cabbage that I also got from Rebecca’s CSA bounty. Google the two together and everyone says fish tacos – done! I have been… Continue reading

Chicken Walnut Pâté

I had all this leftover chicken meat from making soup stock malingering in my freezer, and it was time to do something with it. Since the remains from stock can be quite a… Continue reading

Pumpkin Black Bean Broccoli Quiche

I had been out of town and came home to a fairly empty kitchen that contained a few promising items: frozen broccoli (that I had bought fresh but couldn’t use in time) a… Continue reading

Cantaloupe Mint Granita

Even though my cousin had brought all sorts of cooking magazines with her, we found this recipe in a little daily paper called The Cape Codder. It claims you can make sorbet without… Continue reading