Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Inspiration for this one came from the tomatillos and red cabbage that I also got from Rebecca’s CSA bounty. Google the two together and everyone says fish tacos – done!

I have been following the blog Five and Spice for a while, so why not make their version? I pretty much followed it, too. Just separated out the cilantro from the cabbage part to accommodate a hater 😉

– Take a big piece of salmon,
– Rub it with a blend of ground coffee, brown sugar (I used coconut), cumin, coriander, chili powder (I used paprika and cayenne), salt, and pepper
– Broil it skin-side-down (or they say you can grill) until it flakes. Mine took about 13 minutes and could probably have gone for longer as it was just barely cooked in the center
– Make the salsa by blending together tomatillos (simmered until they turn olive green), red onion, jalapeño (at least I think that’s what I used – it was some sort of small green pepper, also from the CSA), cilantro (I left these ones in, sorry friend!), lime, and avocado
– Shred some red cabbage and mix with lime juice and salt
– Put it all together in warm corn tortillas (with more cilantro, to taste).

So apparently most fish tacos don’t call for salmon, but this turned out really well! And even friends who said they don’t typically like salmon said they liked this. Also, apparently you don’t have to worry about caffeine from coffee in a spice rub because the caffeine gets cooked out?

Anyway, yum!