Raw Sweet Corn Soup with Yellow Peppers and Coconut Milk

  Raw sweet corn is the most delicious thing! And if you don’t cook it, it retains all of its nutritional properties as a vegetable, instead of devolving into a simple starch. It’s amazing on salads and really in anything, and it’s great because then you don’t need to heat up the kitchen!

In my CSA I also got a bunch of yellow peppers and a tiny adorable red onion – which meant I was all set up to make this recipe from Averie Cooks (with some adjustments, of course):

– Blend together:
— Corn-off-the-cob – as many as you want/have (they say 16oz, frozen – not – divided with some left whole to throw in at the end)
— Pumpkin seeds (or really they say cashews or parmesan or nutritional yeast, but pumpkin seeds was fine, and it’s what I had – just something to add some substance)
— Red onion – I actually only used half of my small one, but I probably could have used the whole thing
— Yellow pepper (or red or another sweet pepper)
— Coconut milk (they say coconut oil and coconut water, or another kind of water-esque ingredient) – this is to your preference for how thin you want the result to be. I used about half a can
— Paprika and cayenne and cumin (which I am STILL out of! So I used coriander and curry, which worked, but if you have cumin I think that would be better)
— 1 clove of garlic (ordinarily I would add more, but since it’s raw and my garlic isn’t that fresh it made me nervous)

– Blend it all together (reserving some corn for the top if you want)

– Serve as-is or warmed or chilled!

A note: My sweet corn was SO sweet that this soup was almost too sweet. I think the cumin would have helped some, and I also think that corn that is too sweet is a great problem to have, so I wasn’t complaining!