Chocolate Candy Cane Cloud Village

IMG_2977.JPGThis festive treat, while delicious and easy, didn’t turn out quite as cute as its predecessor from Liv Life, for a couple of reasons:

1) They used large regular marshmallows, and I used fancy ones that were more like logs and didn’t stand up on their own, so I had to cut them in half, which meant that they then couldn’t really support the weight of a full mini candy cane, so for the most part I just stuck pieces of candy cane in them

2) I didn’t actually have enough candy canes, so some of them didn’t even get “stems”

However, they were still fun, and people who tried them seemed to like them. Also they’re super easy and so if you just don’t make the same mistakes I did I’m sure you’ll have great success!

All you do is:
– Melt chocolate (I used semi-sweet chips)
– Stab the marshmallows with candy canes and dip them in the chocolate
– Dip the chocolate part in a bowl of crushed candy canes
– Place them on waxed paper or something to set!IMG_2942.JPG