Boozy Whipped Cream Watermelon “Cake”

20140707-161343-58423644.jpgI had this recipe from ISaveA2Z saved on my Recipe Inspiration Board for a while, planning to make it for the 4th, but I was a couple days late – it’s cool, it was still fun, and totally in time for next year! Haha

Basically I just saw this watermelon cut into the shape of a cake, and I think they used cool whip and whatnot, but I didn’t actually read the recipe – I just looked at the picture, got the idea, and then did this:

– Cut the top off the watermelon, poke it a bunch, and pour in a bunch of tequila!
– Let that sit upright overnight in the fridge
– Cut off the other end and then cut off the rind on the sides
– Make the whipped cream, flavored with bourbon, vanilla, and honey
– Cover the watermelon with the whipped cream (and then we put it in the freezer for a minute to make sure the whipped cream wouldn’t melt – not sure if that was necessary)
– Cover the “cake” with blueberries
– Cut and serve!

A beautiful and healthy summer dessert! Perfect for the 4th, or anytime.

Thoughts from the partakers:
– Tastes like a watermelon margarita creamsicle
– Would be awesome with lime whipped cream and sprinkled with salt
– Also would be good with chocolate – maybe some magic shell action?